Nikon’s Industrial Metrology Business Unit attends Control 2023 with new product highlights


Immerse yourself in Nikon’s pioneering quality control solutions for shop floor and inspection room with X-ray CT, NEXIV video measuring and APDIS Laser Radar.

  • Innovative range of next-generation, high-performance X-ray CT systems offering enhanced levels of precision, resolution and scan speed.
  • “One-button-press” automated microscopy inspection and video measuring systems from Nikon’s Microscopy Business Unit.
  • Exciting range of shop floor Laser Radar solutions to measure the geometry of medium to large parts and laser scanner improvements.
  • Application presentations to take place in Hall 5, Stand 5511 from Tuesday 9th May to Thursday 11th May: Automotive, Semiconductor, Battery Inspection & Electronics. Check our timetable here.

The X-ray Business Unit of Nikon Metrology Europe will feature the latest addition to its Large Envelope System range, the first system in an entirely new generation of Nikon Metrology X-ray CT solutions. It will be swiftly followed by additional new models that are more compact in size but of similar construction, housing the same metrology-grade manipulator concept, Nikon’s unique microfocus X-ray source technology and its extensive range of CT acquisition modes. These next-generation systems are designed to maintain Nikon’s position as the industrial X-ray CT industry leader.

Nikon Metrology Europe’s experts have pre-configured the latest powerful software function which is called ‘one button press inspection’. This means that you can complete your inspection with one simple click. It allows you to load your sample onto the motorised stage and click once, which starts the inspection. When the inspection is completed, the result is presented onscreen and can be saved in an SQL Database. This epitomises microscopy inspection automation.

Nikon DS10 digital camera
Nikon DS10 digital camera

The software module is set up with a simple result-driven interface, powered by NIS Elements. This software is bundled with Nikon’s high-resolution optics, the LV100NDA and the 23.9-megapixel Nikon DS10 digital camera. The motorised LV microscope is capable of magnification up to 6500x, with a complete range of contrast methods.

LV 100 NDA

NEXIV VMZ-S Series is a high-accuracy, high-speed video measurement system, capable of fulfilling increasingly demanding inspection  applications. Supplied in a variety of sizes and magnifications to suit a wide range of applications, the VMZ-S combines Nikon’s exceptionally high quality optics with precision mechanics and bright, highly variable lighting, making measurement simple and repeatable. The instrument is ideally suited to measuring the size and position of features from millimetres down to submicron sizes.

Nikon NEXIV VMZ-S Series

With the APDIS Laser Radar cell presented at Control 2023, Hall 5, No 5511. Nikon Metrology Europe’s Laser Radar Business Unit will feature the latest solutions for accurate and absolute inline shop floor applications. One of these is the APDIS Gap & Flush system: It utilises the technology of the Laser Radar to provide fully automated, inherently safe measurements on a moving production line, delivering reliable data from all around a vehicle, regardless of colour or finish.

Nikon APDIS Gap & Flush
Nikon APDIS Gap & Flush System

The APDIS Intelligent Quality (IQ) Stations measure the geometry of medium to large parts, from a car door, casting or fabrication to a whole car chassis or airframe structure. IQ Stations offer a range of Laser Radar solutions as alternatives to traditional, slow, monolithic, inflexible panel machines and large-volume, horizontal-arm CMMs.

Nikon APDIS BiW Measurement System
APDIS BiW Measurement System

Nikon’s Laser Scanner Business Unit will feature an update to the existing LC15Dx with improvements collected during the scanner’s lifespan. With enhanced accuracy, increased productivity and its fully automated measurement ability, the updated version is ideal for use in automotive, energy, medical and general manufacturing companies.

Nikon Metrology Europe presents a new exhibition look inspired by the automotive shop floor and industrial inspection room, representing the real-life areas where the wide product range is set up and running. Messe + Raum GmbH is a long-standing partner of Nikon Metrology Europe and brought the exhibition idea of a shop floor and inspection room to life.

Nikon Control 2023

Nikon Metrology Europe Control 2023

About Nikon Metrology

Nikon provides a variety of products, services and solutions worldwide, based on advanced opto-electronics and precision technologies refined over the company’s more than 100 years of history. The group continues to create new values that contribute to improvement in quality of life and manufacturing in a wide variety of forms. Nikon’s Industrial Metrology Business Unit (IMBU) delivers integrated, optimised, ultra-high precision solutions that are not only customised and cost-effective but also work extremely well as soon as they are implemented.

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