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X Ray CT Category Image Thumbnail

X-ray CT

Non-destructive inspection of complex industrial parts.
Laser Radar Category Image Thumbnail

Laser Radar

Large scale measurement in automated or semi-automated installations.
3D Laser Scanner Category Image Thumbnail

3D Laser Scanners

Automated and manual scanning for dimensional inspection.
CNC Video Measuring Category Image Thumbnail

Video Measuring Systems

High accuracy, high-speed dimensional measurement of various industrial applications.
Manual Measuring Category Image Thumbnail

Manual Measuring

Optical manual measuring instruments for various industrial applications.
Industrial Microscopy Category Image Thumbnail

Industrial Microscopy

Optical and digital microscope systems with outstanding versatility and productivity.


Nikon expands X-ray CT system range with the introduction of the VOXLS 30 Series

Tilted CT improves X-ray inspection of components that are flat or contain high density areas

Wafer automatic measurement solution supports the measurement required for back-end process control

Nikon strengthens its X-ray digital inspection solutions by purchasing Avonix Imaging

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