Industrial Microscopy

Stereo Microscope Zoom Models

Nikon offers a full range of stereo microscopes of both parallel optical path and Greenough design to suit diverse inspection and measurement tasks. The top-of-the-range SMZ25 instrument boasts the largest available stereo microscope magnification zoom ratio of 25:1, far exceeding that of any other model available globally.

Industrial Microscopes

A very wide range of compound microscopes is available from Nikon, including both upright and inverted instruments. They cover applications from inspection of traditional resin-mounted, polished cross sections of components, to full semiconductor wafer inspection including integration with wafer handlers and the NEXIV video measuring machines. Both reflected and transmitted light contrast techniques are supported to meet today’s requirement for examination of raw materials and innovative devices.

Microscope Components

Nikon’s broad variety of modular units gives considerable flexibility for configuring a system best suited to any given application.

Digital Cameras for Microscopes

Nikon’s complete family of digital camera solutions is available to suit any application, from high-end critical studies to routine in-line metrology and image documentation .