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How do you improve customer’s perceived quality? Overcoming the challenges with the APDIS Gap & Flush system

Blog, Laser Radar
The Industrial Metrology Business Unit of the global Nikon Corporation, which manufactures the most advanced Laser Radar equipment on the…
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Scan of the Month July – Heated Steering Wheel

Blog, X-ray and CT Inspection
As technology has progressed in the automotive sector, we have seen once simple parts of vehicles become integrated with more…
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Scan of the Month June – The World Environment Day

Blog, X-ray and CT Inspection
There are millions of planets but there is only one earth. Therefore, we focused our scan of the month on…
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Ask our experts – the Eclipse LV issue

Blog, Microscopes
Our Microscope expert – Michael Hallewell has been working within Material Microscopy for over 15 years, so has a lot…
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Ask our experts – The NEXIV VMZ-S edition

Blog, Video & Microscope Measuring
Nikon Metrology Video measuring system NEXIV VMZ-S Nikon’s NEXIV series offers a wide range of products from entry-level bench tops…
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Ask Our Experts – Spencer Smith, Measuring Microscope Edition

Blog, Microscopes, Video & Microscope Measuring
Spencer Smith is the Sales Manager for the UK within the Microscopy Business Unit. He has over 21 years of…
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Ask our experts – The SMZ Edition

Blog, Microscopes
Ask our experts – the SMZ edition Our expert, Wilfried Vogel has been working the last 17 years within optics…
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Nikon Metrology provides Modular Microscopy Solutions

Blog, Microscopes, Nikon Metrology
Nikon Metrology is already highly regarded for their range of Best in Class Industrial Stereo and Compound Microscopes. However, are…
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Scan of the Month March – a 3D printed Formula 1 Car!

Blog, Nikon Metrology, X-ray and CT Inspection
To celebrate the start of the Formula 1 motor racing season, Dr. Andrew Mathers (X-ray CT Project Manager) scanned a…
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Scan of the Month January – an ancient manuscript!

Blog, Computed Tomography, X-ray and CT Inspection
January is National Book Month and therefore we focused our scan of the month on something related to reading. We…
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