High precision measurement and inspection during production is essential for advanced manufacturing operations. Nikon provides systems for diverse and demanding quality control applications throughout industry.

X-Ray and CT Systems

X-ray and CT systems provide insight into the inside of components and specimens, allowing users to visualise, analyse and measure complex internal geometry as well as surfaces, all non-destructively.

XT-H225 and XT H 320

Laser Radar Measuring Systems

Laser Radar enables large volume, non-contact measurement in automated or semi-automated installations with unmatched speed and precision.

APDIS laser radar

3D Laser Scanners

3D laser scanners offer high accuracy, non-contact feature and surface measurement in automated or manual operation.

Manual 3D Scanning

Video Measuring Systems

CNC video measuring enables high accuracy, high speed dimensional measurement across a variety of industrial applications, meeting the demands of rigorous quality control departments.

Optical Manual Measuring

Nikon offers optical manual measuring instruments that deliver high precision and ease of operation across numerous industrial applications.

Industrial Microscopy

The manufacture of optical and digital microscope systems offering outstanding versatility and productivity is another facet of Nikon’s global business.