X-ray and CT Systems

XT H 225 and XT H 320

Versatile microfocus CT systems for high-resolution inspection in R&D and failure analysis of components ranging from tiny plastic connectors up to aluminium castings.

XT H 450

Unique 450 kV microfocus X-ray solution for high-resolution inspection of large and dense components like parts produced by metal additive manufacturing, turbine blades and large castings.

Large Envelope CT

Configurable X-ray and CT systems with large inspection envelope supporting multiple sources and detectors to suit the most demanding inspection requirements.

XT V 130 and XT V 160

Interactive radiography inspection or detailed CT scans of PCB boards, electronic components or small parts in a wide range of industries.

X-ray Source Technology

Nikon’s in-house designed and built microfocus sources up to 450 kV that are at the heart of all our CT systems.

Automated Solutions

Various levels of automation to support first article inspection, quality control or 100% inspection in a production environment.