X-Ray CT Inspection Services

Nikon Metrology provide comprehensive, in-depth X-ray CT inspection services. Our experts offer knowledgeable and qualitative support in a broad range of fields with the high quality and efficiency you require.

X-Ray CT Inspection Services

Fast resolutions to problems in a production environment are essential. Internal material defects, complicated assemblies, and hidden geometries can all be complex and time-consuming for your in-house inspection capabilities.

Inspecting the exterior of components is relatively straightforward, but the interior is another matter. In practice, collecting data without sectioning and destroying the item under investigation is only possible if you use X-rays to reveal hidden features.

Our contract X-ray CT inspection service can examine components for you, and you don’t need to find the space or finance for on-site equipment.

Whatever your requirement, Nikon Metrology’s contract X-ray CT inspection service can help. Manufacturing components or assemblies. Plastics, metals, ceramics, electronic components.  We have examined almost everything, from the latest hi-tech microchip to a 65-million-year-old dinosaur egg. The possibilities are endless.

Benefits of Nikon Metrology X-Ray & CT Services

  • Fully equipped laboratories featuring 160-450 kV micro-CT systems.
  • Comprehensive, flexible service from small one-off projects to large batch inspections.
  • Tailored scans, reports, and project reviews.
  • Controlled project costs instead of investing in your own CT facilities.
  • Short training sessions so you can inspect your products in our X-ray and CT competence centres.

In-House Inspection Facility

We have four in-house inspection facilities in Belgium, France, Germany and the UK, to perform inspection services for new or existing clients.

We serve a wide range of industries, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Battery
  • Medical
  • University and research
  • Electrical
  • And many more.

Our Inspection Process

Step 1: Scope

We will discuss your application needs, learn about your problem, and provide the best X-ray CT inspection solution to solve your challenge quickly.

Step 2: Scan

We will process your request immediately upon receiving your sample. Our standard turnaround time is 5-7 business days. We also offer a premium, fast-turnaround service.

You can send us the parts or bring them in personally to witness the scanning, discuss your challenges with our experts, and adjust your requirements if necessary.

Step 3: Analyse

We will return your parts and deliver a complete analysis based on your needs. We provide volume graphics shared viewing software with every CT scanning project. The software allows you to visualise the 3D-reconstructed volume and the analysis performed with internal cross-sectional, all with 360-degree rotational views.

Step 4: Review

We will return the part and transfer your data via our secure Nikon file store, your company’s secured FTP site, or a hard drive/USB drive you provide. We can supply your results as easy-to-interpret reports with still images, video, or complete data sets. Our experts can also help you interpret the data and consult about improvements.

Features and Services

  • Microfocus sources reveal the smallest details.
  • Non-destructive analysis preserves expensive or rare samples.
  • Unique high-flux rotating targets provide fast scan times.
  • Comprehensive apparatus can scan anything from small parts to large assemblies, organic to industrial.
  • Products and software measure internal and external dimensions simultaneously.
  • Extensive analysis tools offer material analysis, assembly evaluation, and metrology CT (allowing comparison with CAD, GD&T).


  • XT V 160 high-quality PCB/electronics inspection system.
  • XT H 225 ST 2x for high throughput CT with Half.Turn CT, high-speed detector, and Rotating.Target 2.0.
  • XT H 225 for all-purpose X-ray CT inspection.
  • XT H 320 for X-ray CT inspection of larger samples.
  • XT H 450 unique micro-focus X-ray CT system for turbine blade and casting inspection.
  • Walk-in room – C2 high-precision, extra-large-envelope modular inspection system. Offers 3 targets: 450 kV and 225 kV micro-focus rotating, plus 450 kV mini-focus. Ideal for objects up to 2.4 m high x 1 m diameter.
  • MCT225 unique pre-calibrated CT system for metrology applications and measurement analysis.
  • VOXLS 40 C 450 with a large scanning volume, multi-source flexibility, dual detector functionality, and an extensive range of CT acquisition modes.

Tell Us Your Scanning Requirements

Whatever you need scanning, analysing, or inspecting, we can help. Let us know what you need in the form here, and one of our expert team will be in touch.

Request Inspection

Inspecting the outside of components is relatively straightforward, but the interior is another matter. It is almost impossible to collect data without sectioning and destroying the item under investigation unless X-rays are used to reveal hidden features. However, manufacturers can only justify investing in an industrial X-ray system and CT reconstruction software if an intermittent requirement exists. Nikon Metrology can deliver a solution by providing a contract X-ray CT inspection service. Whether it involves measuring the internals of an additively manufactured plastic part or spotting a crack propagating in a dense metal casting, we can give you insight into the inside. Please fill out the form opposite and tell us what you need.