We offer bespoke courses covering all our products to ensure you are trained to the highest standard, enabling you to get the very best out of your new equipment right from the start. Our training courses are designed to suit all knowledge and skill levels. The classes we offer are conducted either at our premises or yours, in small groups or one-to-one.

Nikon Metrology Training

Providing the best training to suit your needs.

The world of Nikon Metrology is highly specialised. We would never dream of neglecting to train our employees to master the technicalities and capabilities of our products, so why would we neglect to instruct our customers? Educating you in a structured way to ensure you realise the full value of what you have bought from us is our absolute commitment.

Comprehensive, targeted learning programmes ensure you get the very best functionality from the inspection and metrology systems you have purchased from us. There may, for example, be advanced features you would otherwise be unaware of but would make your life a lot easier if you knew they existed.

Training brings enhanced value to your investment in our equipment and software so you can extract maximum functionality and productivity. Additionally, it ensures that the results you obtain are consistent and correct, so your customers benefit as well.

Not only do you and your customers win, but we win too. A well trained, satisfied user brings us a host of benefits, not least the possibility of repeat sales, potential referrals to other customers and fewer requests for support and technical assistance.

And we are also listening. Discussion with users during training sessions provides us with valuable feedback to help improve both the product and the customer experience.

Request Training

If you would like further details on the range of training courses we offer, contact our expert team and we will provide you with additional information. You will be impressed with the standard of training we provide and the knowledge and expertise of the people conducting the sessions. We pride ourselves on delivering course content flexibly and accessibly, in manageable segments and at a reasonable pace.

Every question you have will be comprehensively answered. You will not feel at any time that you could just as easily learn as much from a training manual, because every course is tailored to the skill level of the trainee. Please fill out the form opposite and we will get in touch with you straight away.