APDIS MV4x0 Laser Radar

Nikon's APDIS is the latest generation of Laser Radar offering fast, automated, non-contact inspection in a wide range of industries with a host of benefits for users.

Automated Non-Contact Measurement

The ability to measure detail at distance, without the need for handheld probes, targets or surface preparation, means that Nikon’s APDIS Laser Radar is ideally suited to automating repetitive inspection tasks covering a huge range of manufacturing, industrial and research applications, including those that involve hard to reach features and are complex, delicate or labour intensive.

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APDIS Laser Radar Benefits

APDIS MV4x0 Laser Radar

High Productivity

Fast and accurate automated measurements with minimal setup time provide the ultimate in measurement productivity.

Flexible Installation

Portable and shop floor suitable, absolute and accurate measurements of parts can be performed in the production line or wherever they are required including directly in a production line.

Protects Part and Operator

Utilising long-range, automated, laser-based technology keeps the part under investigation a safe distance from both the instrument and the operator.

Minimal Preparation

Heterodyne interferometry allows APDIS Laser Radar to measure almost any surface without the need for part preparation, targets or feature adapters.


From Small to Large

The APDIS MV430 and MV450 measurement systems are used for fast, automated, non-contact inspection of objects ranging from smaller components such as a car door to large assemblies such as a commercial aircraft. It achieves this through the application of unique, accurate, laser-based, non-contact measurement technology that overcomes the limitations of traditional monolithic or portable metrology systems.

Repeatability is ensured by automated and non-contact measurement, independent of the user. System operation is simplified through the use of standard software interfaces such as Metrolog, Polyworks and Spatial Analyzer.

APDIS Laser Radar

APDIS Automotive

APDIS Gap & Flush

Range0.5m to 30m0.5m to 50m0.5m to 30m0.5m to 50m
Data Rate4000Hz
Scanning Speed*500pts/sec
2 sec/cm2
1 sec/cm2
Feature MeasurementStandard Feature ScanEnhanced Feature Scan**
Vibration Measurement n/a2000Hz Max ; 1µm/m sensitivity

*Default settings – stacking 4, points spacing 0.1mm, line spacing 1mm.
**Feature measurement up to twice as fast as standard variant. Exact speed depends on settings.

Working Limit0.5m - 30m / 50m± 180°± 45°
Accuracy (MPE)20µm + 5µm/m13.6µm/m
2 Point Length Measurement Accuracy* MPE(µm) = √(2(20 + 5RAve)2 + (13.6RAve)2)
Average Range (m)0.5125102030
MPE (µm) 334057115216420625
Typical (µm)17202858108210313

* Accuracy given as Maximum Permissible Error (MPE) in accordance with ASME B89.4.19 – 2006 verified in vertical orientation at 20°C. Typical accuracy shown is half MPE. All measurements taken in stable environment with ½” grade 25 or better tooling ball.

APDIS Laser Radar Drives  Automotive Quality

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