Scan of the Month December – a German Christstollen!

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To celebrate Christmas it is appropriate to make a scan of a Christmas Cake. Our German Application Engineer X-ray Thomas Dreisbusch scanned the very popular German Christmas cake, the Christstollen and its components.

The Christstollen is a traditional German pastry for Christmas which German people eat since the Middle Ages. Because of its special ingredients and recipe, the “cake” is always juicy and stays moist. The explanation for the particular shape of the pastry is a beautiful one :  The ‘Stollen’ breathed in sugar is supposed to remind of the baby Jesus in diapers, which is why it is now called “Christstollen”.

2d section of Christstollen
fig 1: Christstollen 2D section


fig 2: View inside the Nikon X-ray CT system XT H 225 ST 2x

fig 3 : Christstollen cut out

The X-ray CT scan was acquired at a voxel resolution of 44µm while using 80kV potential and 34,5W X-ray power. The scan was acquired using a Nikon XT H 225 ST 2x, which houses a Nikon 225kV microfocus X-ray source, coupled with a Varex 4343-CT flat panel detector.  For this scan, the detector acquired 4476 projections with two frames per projection at an exposure of 500ms, using Nikon’s acquisition and reconstruction algorithms to construct the 3D model.


Fig 4 : Christstollen Raisins

Video : 3D rendering of the Christstollen

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