XT H 225 and XT H 320

Nikon's versatile microfocus CT systems for high-resolution inspection of components, ranging from tiny plastic connectors up to aluminium castings for R&D, failure analysis and production quality control.

Versatile Solutions for the Most Demanding Inspection Applications

These systems combine the versatility needed in the lab with unique features like the high-flux Rotating.Target 2.0, Half.Turn CT acquisition mode and Auto.Filament Control to shorten cycle time and improve uptime when used for shop floor series inspection.

Product Highlights

Flexibility When You Need It

With the choice of source, targets, CT scanning strategies and options such as motorised source-to-detector distance adjustment, the 225/320kV systems are versatile and accommodate a wide range of inspection tasks.

One Source, 5 Target Options

Select the right target for your application: from the transmission target with sub-micron feature recognition, to the world’s only Rotating.Target 2.0 for outstanding performance, to the 320kV target for denser samples.

Unique 225 kV Rotating.Target 2.0

Allows continuous operation up to 450W with up to three times higher resolution for the same power, or three times faster data collection for a given resolution.

Core Features


XT H Series


XT H 225 ST 2x


Automated CT


X-ray CT Inspection Services

XT H225
For inspection of small to medium parts
XT H225 ST 2x
Flexible system for a variety of applications
High accuracy X-ray CT metrology
XT H320
High kV source for large and dense parts
Part size Part size Part size Part size
Part density Part density Part density Part density
Accuracy Accuracy Accuracy Accuracy
Power Power Power Power
Versatility Versatility Versatility Versatility
Footprint Footprint Footprint Footprint

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