Inspect-X – 3D CT Reconstruction Software

Designed around the user experience, Inspect-X software provides intuitive displays, advanced scanning modes and user-friendly workflows for all X-ray and CT systems.

Product Highlights


Advanced CT Reconstruction

Nikon offers powerful and unparalleled control of CT reconstructions with automatic centre-of-rotation calculation, instant reconstruction previews, intelligent artefact removal tools and region of interest selection.

Advanced CT Scanning Modes

A range of advanced acquisitions to maximise resolution and image quality, including Fast CT, Limited Angle, Offset.CT, X.Tend, Fast Panel-Scan, Half.Turn CT and more.


Intuitive Workflows

Designed around the user experience, Inspect-X streamlines workflows for efficient CT inspection with intuitive joystick control, perfect for any user environment.

Dual.Material CT

Enabling the automatic inspection of dual material samples in a production environment, Dual. Material CT delivers the market-leading reduction of artefacts caused by high-density materials.

Core Features

XT H Series


XT H 225 ST 2x

Configurable X-ray CT Systems


XT V Series

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