The ECLIPSE LV100N POL and Ci-POL series of polarising microscopes is used to study the birefringent properties of anisotropic specimens by observing image contrast and colour changes. Nikon offers systems for both quantitative and qualitative study.
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All Applications from Research to Routine are Addressed

Superb Nikon CFI60-POL optics provide excellent images to eyepieces and to Nikon’s digital cameras.
LV100N POL enables a range of studies from conoscopy to orthoscopy using a full range of dedicated accessories.
Ci-POL enables a range of studies on a compact microscope.


These instruments feature episcopic and diascopic illumination for mineralogical study of gross or thin sections. Optically active materials may be studied for composition and distribution analysis.

Nikon CFI60-POL Objective Lens Series

Nikon’s innovative, strain free, long working distance, high NA, eco-glass component POL objectives deliver clear, high contrast images to the observer and digital camera.

Product Highlights

Diascopic and Episcopic Illumination

Episcopic studies are possible with the LV-UEPI-N illuminator. The 12V-50W lamphouse is used for diascopic and episcopic illumination. Switching illumination, epi to dia, is a simple operation.

Full Range of Optical Accessories

A comprehensive range of accessories for quantitative analysis is provided by Berek, Senarmont and Quartz wedge compensators, supported by a vernier scale mechanical stage.

30mm Long Focus Stroke

LV100N POL and Ci-POL stands accept tall, gross samples due to the extra-long 30mm focus range, exceeding the normal range of diascopic microscope models.

Core Features

Upright POL Microscopes

NIS Elements

Digital Sight Series

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