Automated CT Inspection Solutions – Enables Zero Defect Production

In support of proactive manufacturing process control, whether carrying out 100% inspection or applying a sampling strategy, automated CT solutions provide detailed, operator-independent inspection data within minutes.

Series Inspection in Production Is More Than Automation

In a production environment, it is not enough just to automate user operations. Advanced technology also plays an important role. High-flux X-ray sources like the Nikon Rotating.Target 2.0 and dedicated CT scanning strategies like Half.Turn CT significantly cut scan times, while Auto.Filament Control doubles filament lifetime, improving system up-time.

Product Highlights

Batch CT Inspection

As standard, CT profiles containing all acquisition and analysis parameters can be stored and recalled later. This allows the whole process to be automated without the need for any programming skills, ensuring repeatable, operator-independent results.

Semi-Automated CT Inspection

With Autoloader, putting a series of sample holders in the machine is the only manual operation. Part loading and identification, program selection, data acquisition, analysis and reporting are completely automated.

In-Line CT Inspection

Robotic sample loading enables fully automated, unattended CT inspection in a production environment. By looping this information back to the Manufacturing Execution System, production processes can be controlled and optimized in real time – further enhanced by industry-standard OPC UA.

Core Features

XT H Series

XT H 225 ST 2x

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