MM-400N and MM-800N Series

A set of precision and accurate manual measuring microscopes designed for all industrial measurement and image analysis applications, focusing particularly on repeatable data capture- all with an easy user workflow.
Measuring Microscope MM800N LMU

High Precision Construction for More Accurate Measurement

MM-400N and MM-800N Series microscopes operate within a digital control system, providing excellent measurement accuracy for industrial in-line and quality assurance applications. The instruments are ideal for inspecting, measuring and verifying both 2D and 3D features across a wide range of components.

MM-400N and MM-800N

Nikon MM-400N and MM-800N Series

The MM-400N and MM-800N Series measures components across many industries, including these examples: electronics, wire-bond wire heights, connector pins and sockets.

Compact, Long-Working-Distance, High-Performance Objective Design

Nikon’s lenses offer superior performance with very long working distances, excellent high-contrast, flat-field images and reduced errors due to their telecentric design.

Nikon’s CFI60-2 Objective System Capabilities

Nikon’s innovative optics enable clear, high-contrast brightfield, darkfield, polarized (POL) and differential interference contrast (DIC) images for precise, accurate measurement of low contrast features.

Wide Range of Measuring Stages

Six robust stages are available for the MM-800N, ranging from 12” x 8” (300 mm x 200 mm) down to 2” x 2” (50 mm x 50 mm), of which the three smaller stages up to 6″ x 4″ (150 mm x 100 mm) are compatible with the MM-400N.

Product Highlights

Robust, Precision Build for Repeatable Accuracy

High precision and repeatability as well as accurate results are guaranteed throughout the long service life of the instruments, supported by an extensive range of optical components and accessories.

MM-400N and MM-800N

Two Optical Systems

The outstanding modular range allows the user to optimize measurement performance by configuring exactly the right accessories to achieve an efficient and effective inspection process.

MM Controller Backpack Interface

LED illumination settings, XY-stage coordinates and Z-axis data are transferred to the MM controller and Nikon’s E-Max software on a PC for full data processing and system control.

Optional Focusing-Aid (FA) Capability

Projected patterns enable accurate, repeatable focusing for excellent Z-axis measurement. Errors due to depth of focus variations are minimized and multiple operators achieve the same results.

Core Features

MM-Series Brochure cover

Measuring Microscopes MM Series

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