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MM-200 Series

The MM-200 is a tough, affordable, compact measuring microscope capable of measuring small components in a wide range of industries, such as plastic parts, electrical components, rubber seals, gaskets, moldings, metal stampings and precision machined parts.

MM-400 and MM-800 Series

The MM-400 and MM-800 series operate within a complete digital control system, providing excellent measuring accuracy in industrial in-line and quality assurance applications. The instruments are able to inspect, measure and verify both 2D and 3D features on a wide range of components.


A diverse line-up of accessories is available for Nikon MM-400 and MM-800 series microscopes. There are six models of X/Y stage, while three stages with longer travels (PS12x8C, PS 10x6B, and PS 8x6B ) are for the MM-800 series.

Software and Data Processor

Nikon provides a variety of software and data processor options, such as E-MAX and DP-E1A. The U-DP measurement tool, a quick, multi-function, easy to use browser-based software, is also available.