MM-200 Series

The MM-200 is Nikon's most compact, high precision, measuring microscope designed for accurate component feature measurement against a plan. It is a low-weight, manual measuring system combining repeatability with easy to-use functionality.

High Precision Construction for Accurate Measurement Results

The MM-200 is a tough, affordable, compact measuring microscope with capability for measuring small and medium size components across a wide range of industries, such as plastic parts, electric components, rubber seals, gaskets, moldings, metal stampings and precision machined parts.

Nikon MM-200 Series

The MM-200 has an ergonomic and intelligent design with two optical systems, a monocular eyepiece head or a video imaging head.

Monocular Head for Eyepiece Operation

The MM-200 monocular head system provides a high-end toolmaker’s microscope solution for all industrial shop floor and QA activities.

Video Imaging Head for Digital Operation

The MM-200 video-imaging head system provides an excellent entry level video metrology solution for all industrial production process verification and QA activities.

Backpack Digital Interface Unit – PC

The MM-200’s backpack digital interface unit links rapidly by USB cable to a personal computer with Nikon’s E-Max software.

Product Highlights

Compact Footprint, High Performance

The MM-200 provides very high performance specifications assembled into an ergonomic, compact unit. A 2″x2″ stage is integrated with the main body as standard.

Nikon’s Excellent Measuring Objectives

Nikon’s lenses offer superior performance with very long working distances, excellent high-contrast flat images and reduced measuring errors due to the telecentric optical design.

Core Features

MM-Series Brochure cover

Measuring Microscopes MM Series

TypeMonocular Eyepiece Tube TypeC-Mount Video Head Type
Optical HeadMM-200 Monocular Optical HeadC-mount video head for MM-200
XYZ Stroke50x 50 x110mm
Stage Accuracy2.5 + L50 pm (with LEC), 3 + L50 pm (L= measurement length in mm)u200b
Scale Resolution0.01 / 0.1(default) / 1 / 10 pm
Max. Loading Weight2 kg for guaranteed accuracy, 5 kg for operation
Magnification Accuracy0.1 %
Objective Lenses (WO)Standard: 3x (75.5 mm)
Optional: 1x (79 mm), 5x (64 mm), 10x (48 mm)
Light SourcesStandard: diascopic/episcopic (white LED)
Dimensions & Weight316 x 455 x 533 mm (W x D x H). 40 kg
Input Voltage Range100 - 240 V (Max. 1.8 A)

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