Non-Electronics Applications for XT V Series

With sub-micron feature recognition, the XT V 160 X-ray and CT system is applicable to a wide range of industries, not only electronics but also medical, automotive, aerospace, consumer products and much more.

Product Highlights


Superior X-ray Source

Nikon’s market-leading Xi Nanotech X-ray microfocus source is unique due to its exclusive integral generator design and unparalleled 160kV maximum energy and 20W true-target power.

Powerful image enhancement

High.Contrast Filter reveals hidden details in the radiography image by providing outstanding image quality of both high and low contrast areas in a single clear image. Operators can now identify all aspects of the sample more quickly than ever before, optimizing and increasing their productivity

Increased Productivity

The equipment offers a best-in-class inspection area to footprint ratio, accommodates samples up to 711mm x 762mm (28”x30″) and has a large detector field-of-view (up to 25cmx20cm).

Cost Effective 3D CT

3D inspection with CT and X.Tract provides digital slicing in any orientation for full 3D component NDT, providing a high accuracy, cost-effective CT solution for smaller components.

Core Features


Industries / Use Cases Paragraph

XT V Series

High Contrast Filter flyer cover

High.Contrast Filter

XT V130C
Cost-effective 130kV system for inspection of electronic components
XT V160
Premium 160kV system for high accuracy X-ray and CT applications
Power Power
Resolution Resolution
Field of View Field of View
CT Ready CT Ready
X.Tract Ready X.Tract Ready

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