V-12B Series

Nikon's V-12B benchtop optical profile projectors offer superb image quality and precise X-Y measurement (optionally angular measurement) capabilities. The image of the sample is displayed on a 12” (305mm) screen, enabling accurate data capture from the stage.

High Precision Construction Provides Accurate Measurement Results

The V-12B series of optical profile projectors provides excellent measurement accuracy for industrial in-line and quality assurance applications.
Inspect, measure and verify 2D and angular features on a wide range of components.

Nikon Profile Projector V-12B Series

The V12-B profile projector is a precise benchtop instrument of strong construction that utilises Nikon’s optics and co-ordinate measuring stages to deliver highly accurate results.

Fully Parfocal Projection Lens Series

The telecentric projection lenses are designed to be parfocal, avoiding excessive refocusing. They have long working distances for safe component inspection.

Wide Range of Measuring Stages

Five robust stages are available for the V-12B series, ranging from 10”x6” (250mm x 150mm) down to 2”x2” (50mm x 50mm).

Product Highlights

Large 12” (305mm) Projection Screen

The V-12B profile projector series boasts a 12” (305mm) glass projection screen mounted on a body of outstanding strength and build quality.

Optical Head Focusing

Focusing on the component is achieved by moving the optical head, not the stage assembly, providing far higher precision, accuracy and repeatability.

Telecentric Projection Lenses

Seven telecentric lenses from 5x to 200x with five intermediate values provide the capability for measuring a wide variety of component sizes and feature dimensions.

Upright, Right-Way-Around Projected Image

The V-12B projects a true image of the component surface onto the large glass screen. There is no loss of image sharpness.

Core Features

Profile Projectors

Projection ScreenV-12BDC and V-12BD provided with digital protractor fine rotation knob, 360° rotation (reading to 1 minute arc)
XY Counter V-12BDC - Built in (1 mm/0.5 mm selectable); V-12BD - Not Provided;
V-12BSC - Built in (1 mm/0.5 mm selectable); V-12BS - Not Provided
Max. Height of Specimen100 mm (70mm: with PS 10x6B, PS 8x6B stage)
Power Source (2 Types)110 VAC (50/60Hz); 220VAC (50/60 Hz)
Max. Load Capacity15 kg (33.0 lb) with 8x6 and 6x4, 6 kg (13.2 lbs) with 4x4, 5 kg (11.0 lbs) with O3L, 5 kg (11.0 lbs) with 2x2
Dimensions409 x 648 x 970-1070 mm (16.1 x 25.5 x 38.2-42.1”)
Projection Lenses5x, 10x, 20x, 25x, 50x, 100x, 200x and 500x. 3-lens turret; clamp screw type
Stage10x6, 8x6, 6x4, 4x4, 2x2
Vertical Surface IlluminationAll projection lenses feature internal half-reflecting mirrors which are prealigned to the built in vertical surface illuminator. 500x lens should be used with an EPI Condenser Lens.
WeightApprox. 80 kg (176.4 lbs)
Magnification AccuracyContour illumination ±0.1%, vertical/oblique surface illumination ±0.15%
ImageErect and unreversed
IlluminationHigh/low light intensity control; 24V/150W halogen lamp
Oblique IlluminationOblique surface illumination can be obtained by tilting EPI illumination unit
Contour IlluminationTelecentric type. 200x and 500x lenses should be used with a DIA Condenser Lens.

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The V-20B from Nikon is a floor-standing, optical profile projector with superb image quality that precisely captures the X/Y coordinates of features. The image of the sample on the stage is displayed on the 20” (500mm) screen, enabling accurate data capture.
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