Software and Data Processor

Nikon provides a variety of software and data processor units, such as the E-MAX and DP-E1A.

Nikon Data Processing Software

E-MAX is software with multiple general purpose measuring support tools that use a common GUI (graphical user interface).

DP-E1 is a data processing system that offers a combination of enhanced accuracy and ease of use.

Data Processing Software: E-MAX

E-MAX processes the measurement data via an interface unit and outputs results as a .CSV file.

Data Processor: DP-E1A

Teaching files and measurement results files can be exported from the DP-E1A to a USB memory device for easy access.

Product Highlights

Data Processing Software: E-MAX (D set)

E-MAX (D-set) is a general-purpose measurement support system with a common user interface for PCs. The retrofit counter/DP unit is required to use E-MAX (D-set) with the V-12BS or V-12BD series.

Data Processor: DP-E1A

DP-E1A rapidly calculates geometrical features with simple and interactive operations. Measurement results are memorised as teaching steps and can be saved as a measuring routine. The retrofit counter/DP unit is required to use the DP-E1A.

Core Features

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