The NEXIV-K Series is capable of high-speed, high-resolution, 3D inspection.
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Ground-Breaking, Multi-Functional, Confocal Video Measuring System

This measuring system incorporates confocal technology, brightfield imaging with a 15X zoom and laser auto focus. No matter what geometrical measurements are needed, whether 2D or 3D, inspection and evaluation is exceptionally fast and accurate.

Confocal optics enable a clear display and facilitate accurate detection of high contrast edges.


Product Highlights


Fine Bump and Substrate Pattern

A combination of 2D measurement with a 15x zoom brightfield image and 3D height measurement in the same field of view enables diverse measurements.


Probe Cards

Programming can be made from location data in one click. XYZ coordinates and coplanarity contact probe pins on probe cards can be automatically measured with unique image processing tools.


Precise PCB Pattern

Nikon’s unique confocal imaging technology makes it possible to accurately scan both highly reflective and low reflectivity surfaces.

Core Features

VMZ-K Series

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