The Scan of August – Discover the details of a steering wheel

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In the previous months, we have been sharing a lot of details on inspections of batteries and electric cars. This month, we have scanned a more usual car part although it’s still from a famous electric car.

The steering wheel and stalks remain one of the most important parts of the car to get from point A to point B. Inside the part are a lot of interesting electronic connections to control different steering and safety mechanisms.


Both the plastic and metallic parts are beautifully visible and are outlaying the complete of this automotive part. Ideal for an assembly check or a more thorough look into different components who are susceptible to fail.

The X-ray CT scan was acquired at a voxel resolution of 88µm while using 196kV potential and 20W X-ray power. The scan was acquired using a Nikon XT H 225 ST 2x, which houses a Nikon 225kV microfocus X-ray source, coupled with a Varex 4343-CT flat panel detector.  For this scan, the detector acquired 7500 projections at an exposure of 250ms using Nikon’s helical acquisition and reconstruction algorithms to construct the 3D model.

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