Boosting Nikon APDIS Laser Radar performance with PolyWorks integration

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Nikon’s revolutionary APDIS Laser Radar enables high-speed, automated, non-contact 3D inspection across manufacturing and research. By measuring surface detail at a distance without probes or targets, APDIS streamlines quality control for hard-to-reach or delicate parts.

APDIS Laser Radar delivers high productivity through fast, accurate, automated measurements with minimal setup time. Its flexible installation as a portable, shop-floor suitable system allows absolute, precise measurements inline or wherever needed.

One software solution that maximises APDIS capabilities is PolyWorks. UK-based PolyWorks distributor 3d Scanners UK Ltd visited Nikon’s Derby-based facility to conduct test measurements with Lucy Parsons, Nikon Sales Account Manager, and demonstrate PolyWorks integration with APDIS Laser Radar.

With industry-leading accuracy and throughput, the APDIS Laser Radar excels at automating repetitive tasks. Combined with PolyWorks’ versatile toolset, manufacturers can optimise complex inspection and analysis workflows.

Watch the video below to learn more about leveraging PolyWorks to boost APDIS Laser Radar performance.


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