VMZ-NWL200 is an automatic wafer measuring system that integrates a video measuring system “NEXIV” and a wafer loader “NWL200”. NEXIV, which has advanced image processing technology, automatically performs high-speed, high-precision measurement of 6-inch or 8-inch wafers held in a carrier.

High Reliability, Efficiency and Operability

The NEXIV video measurement system, used extensively in the global semiconductor industry, has been integrated with Nikon’s proven NWL200 automatic wafer loading system.

The result is the VMZ-NWL200, an innovative measuring cell with excellent reliability and efficiency. In addition, specially developed software simplifies complex operations required for process control. High quality data is fed back faster to the production line, maximizing yield.

Product Highlights

High Reliability

As it measures automatically and consistently, the VMZ-NWL200 eliminates variability of results due to different interpretations of readings by operators.  In addition, Nikon leverages its strengths as an optical equipment manufacturer to provide a clear image to accurately detect the edges of the inspection object.

High Efficiency

Inspection with a VMZ-NWL200 can be started with a single click. Furthermore, measurement productivity is three times that of measuring microscopes. High efficiency of the video measuring system provides low COO (Cost of Ownership).

High Operability

Since wafer graphics are displayed on the GUI, the operator can specify the chip to be measured by simply clicking the point with a mouse.

Core Features

VMZ-S Series

Wafer Loader for IC Inspection NWL200

DeviceVideo Measuring System:NEXIV(VMZ-S3020 Type2, Type3, TypeTZ)
Wafer *1size:6.8 inch(SEMI/JEIDA Standard)
Compatible carrier6 inch:PA182-60MB-06XX(Entegris)
8 inch:PA192-80M-06XX(Entegris)
Throughput *26 min 45 sec
Minimum L/S500 line/mm
Operating environment temperature19~26℃
Operating environment humidityLess than 70% RH
Dimensions4125 x 3040 mm
Power source voltageAC100-120V/200-240V
Power source frequency50Hz/60Hz
Current consumption7.5A/3.7A

*1 Require wafer transfer evaluation before sales
*2 Transfer time for 25 wafers excluding measurement time

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Nikon's innovative, fully featured NWL200 wafer loaders support comprehensive inspection of 6" (150mm) and 8" (200mm) diameter semiconductor wafers by optical microscope or video measurement systems e.g. Nikon NEXIV.
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