APDIS Laser Gap & Flush Measuring System

The APDIS Gap & Flush System from Nikon delivers a new approach to vehicle-on-wheels, moving-line inspection and quality control.

Quality Perception and Control

Panel and closure gap and flush can directly impact a customer’s perception of the quality of a vehicle and brand. Reliable measurement of these features allows process feedback and quality control, but needs to be done automatically and safely while the vehicle is moving. This is provided by the APDIS Gap & Flush system.

APDIS Laser Radar Technology

Already used around the world for automotive inspection, APDIS Laser Radar brings a new dimension to moving-line gap and flush measurements.

Integrated, Automated, Flexible

With three Laser Radars covering a large volume, measurements are synchronized with conveyor movement and the system is easily configurable for different vehicle variants.

Large Stand-Off, Safe Operation

Measurements are taken at a large stand-off distance with a single linear movement, avoiding accidental collisions with the vehicle and ensuring operator safety.

Product Highlights

Simpler Installation

Large stand-offs and linear rails simplify programming and installation. Independent tracking and alignment remove the need for conveyor interlocks.

Easier Modification

Movement of the Laser Radar is automatically synchronized with that of the vehicle, enabling modifications to be made off-line, without needing to stop the line.

Reduced Complexity

No complex robot programming, in-built safety just around the Laser Radars and an open frame lead to minimal disruption to the production line.

Join the Revolution

Many automotive manufacturers around the world are already experiencing the benefits of Laser Radar measurement to monitor and improve their process control. The innovative use of APDIS Laser Radar for end-of-line gap and flush measurements is simply the next step in changing how the industry measures. With multiple Gap and Flush systems already installed, customers are seeing the advantages of this safer, simpler, highly productive inspection revolution.

APDIS Laser Radar

APDIS Automotive 

APDIS Gap & Flush

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