NIS-Elements software manages Nikon Digital Sight cameras alongside Nikon microscopes to capture the best images for processing. It organizes captured images and processes them logically in a smooth workflow.

Nikon NIS-Elements Imaging Software

NIS-Elements is a fully featured imaging software solution for microscopy. Fast, powerful imaging processing tools are available, such as for creating a mosaic or compound image from many separate images, e.g. following a long micro-crack on a sample surface from start to finish. For industrial applications, Nikon offers NIS-Elements AR (Advanced Research), BR (Basic Research), D (Documentation), and L (for a tablet PC).

NIS-Elements BR, D, and L

Product Highlights

NIS-Elements BR

Developed for standard research applications such as analysis and photo-documentation of microscopy images, NIS-Elements BR features up to four-dimensional acquisition and advanced device control capabilities.

NIS-Elements D

NIS-Elements D is a software package for photo-documentation, including basic measuring and reporting tools.

NIS-Elements L

Easily view images and control their acquisition settings for the Digital Sight 1000, DS-Fi3 and DS-Ri2 cameras on a tablet PC using NIS-Elements L.

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