Digital Sight 10

The Digital Sight 10 uses a full frame Nikon FX 23.9 megapixel CMOS sensor to provide outstanding image quality in both color and monochrome modes, without loss of quality or resolution.

Full Frame Nikon FX Format CMOS Sensor

Excellent color and monochrome image reproduction is achieved with a maximum resolution of 6000 x 3984 pixels (23.9M) at 9 fps and 2000×1328 pixels (2.7M) at 55 fps

Product Highlights

Compact Camera Body

The compact camera body has a volume 30% lower than the previous design.

High Resolution Image Capture

Outstanding 6K ultra-high image quality is achieved, combined with easy acquisition of sample structures. Microscope images up to 6000×3984 pixels (23.9M) are captured, ideal for obtaining more accurate data when analyzing extremely fine structures.

High Sensitivity, Low Noise

High sensitivity equivalent to ISO 12800 is possible. ISO 200 in color mode and ISO 800 in monochrome mode, together with image acquisition into the near infrared region, is all achieved in one camera.

Very Fast Live Image

Outstanding frame rate permits the capture of many individual steps of a moving sample, along with extremely clear fine-focusing, presenting an excellent live image. Maximum resolution is 6000×3984 pixels (23.9M) at 9 fps, 2000×1328 pixels (2.7M) at 55 fps.

Core Features

Digital Cameras for Microscopes

Image SensorNikon FX-format, Color/Monochrome CMOS sensor / Size: 35.8u00d723.8mm
Recordable Pixels6000u00d73984 pixel
ISO sensitivity (recommended exposure index)Color mode: equivalent to ISO200 Monochrome mode: equivalent to ISO800 (Selectable from ISO200 to ISO12800 equivalent)
Live Display ModeFull-pixel 6000u00d73984 pixel (max 9fps) / 3u00d73 pixel averaging 2000u00d71328 (max 55fps)
Lens MountF mount
Exposure Time100 u03bcsec to 120 sec
InterfaceUSB3.2 GEN1,2 (computer control connection) u00d71, External sync input/output u00d71
Power SupplyAC100-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption18W
Dimensions113 (W) u00d7 108 (D) u00d7 110 (H) mm
Operating Environment0-40u00b0C, 60% RH max. (without condensation)

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