Autocollimators 6B-LED and 6D-LED

The 6B-LED and 6D-LED autocollimators are extremely accurate manual measuring instruments from Nikon. They are typically used to verify linear alignment, small angular deviations, curvature, component flatness, feature heights and rotation.

High Precision, Non-Contact Instruments For Verifying Component Dimensions

Applications include determining the precision and accuracy of rotary tables and dividing heads; checking deflection in components with small movements, including those made from very stiff materials; and use as a trusted comparator tool against a reference flat surface or a tilted angle block.

6B-LED and 6D-LED autocollimators provide brightfield or darkfield contrast for simultaneous measurements in two axes, enabling easy alignment and result generation.

Product Highlights

Two Autocollimator Models Available

The 6B-LED generates a brightfield image behind the reticule. The 6D-LED has a darkfield image for stronger contrast at the reticle, so sample glare is reduced.

Quantify Convex and Concave Curvature

Using the large adjustment ring, the system operator can correct image curvature back to normal and so can report the radius of curvature of the sample.

Core Features


Telescope Magnification 38x
ObjectiveF=700 mm; effective aperture: 70mm
Measuring Range30 minutes of arc (both vertical and horizontal axes)
Minimum Reading0.5 seconds of arc
Readout SystemAdjustment in viewfield and reading on micrometer
Measuring Accuracy0.5 seconds of arc within a range of 5 minutes of arc 1 second of arc within a range of 30 minutes of arc
Viewfield6B-LED: bright-field, 6D-LED: dark-field
Light SourceLED
Power Supply 12V 5A (AC adapter is required) or size AA battery x2
Dimensions of Main Body Outer diameter of lens barrel support: 68 mm Overall length: Approx. 490 mm
Weight (including Stand)Approx. 32 kg

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