Offering advanced usability and performance, the NEXIX VMZ-H3030 achieves the highest accuracy within Nikon's NEXIV series.
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VMZ-H3030 sets the Standard when High Accuracy is Critical

VMZ-H3030 provides a 300x300x150 mm (X,Y,Z) measuring envelope together with a range of high quality optics, complete with a TTL (through-the-lens) scanning laser as standard. The system is designed to provide the ultimate in high accuracy measurement.

Highest Accuracy using the NEXIV Series

Due to its unique design and construction, the VMZ-H achieves the highest accuracy within the NEXIV series.


Product Highlights


5 Types of Optical Zoom System

5 types optical zoom system are available to cover different field-of-view and resolution requirements.


High-Speed Height Measurement

Highly precise, high-speed height measurement is made possible by the accurate through-the-lens laser autofocus, which is capable of high-speed scanning at 1,000 points per second.

Ability to Measure Difficult Samples

Difficult edges and features can be easily measured using Nikon’s unique illumination options.

Non-Stop Automatic Measurement

Accurate measurement can be achieved despite variation in component positioning.

Core Features


Remote Control SDK

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