Nikon introduces Remote Control SDK software, enabling multiple NEXIV integration in the production line


TOKYO- Nikon Corporation (Nikon) is pleased to announce the release of the “Remote Control SDK” compatible with the CNC Video Measuring System “NEXIV” series for automatic measurement system integration.


Illustrative example of “NEXIV” operation using “Remote Control SDK”


“Remote Control SDK” is a tool for developing software routines to control the “NEXIV” via a network. Through remote control of “NEXIV”, electronic, semiconductor, and small equipment components can be measured and inspected, meeting the increasing needs for accurate measurement and inspection in line with shorter delivery time and low cost. In addition, it is possible to remotely control up to 10 “NEXIV” units, helping to improve the productivity of the production line.


Product Information

Product Name  Remote control software solution “Remote Control SDK”
Availability  From April 22, 2021


Product Development background

In the recent trend of automation on the production floor, there is a demand for remote control solutions for video measurement systems which measure electric components. Especially in the recent coronavirus pandemic, these needs are increasing. Nikon provides a “Remote Control SDK” which can remotely control “NEXIV” from the control room or office, saving manpower and automating the production floor.


Key Features

1. Control Multiple “NEXIV” Systems Remotely

Up to 10 “NEXIV” systems can be controlled remotely, enabling centralized management and distribution of measurement programs and results in one place. By controlling “NEXIV” and measurement programs from a location away from the production factory, such as a control room or office, it will streamline manpower and improve productivity. In addition, measurement can be restarted remotely after any errors are resolved. Furthermore, when integrating “NEXIV” together with the component carrier conveyor system, it is possible to automate the process of loading the components and measuring.


Image of remotely controlling multiple “NEXIV” systems



2. Easily Create Control Software to Optimize Factory Operations

“Remote Control SDK” is SDK* with abundant support tools such as sample of code and sample applications. Functions for “NEXIV” can be easily customized and used in software depending on the operation.


* SDK: Abbreviation for Software Development Kit. Refers to a set of tools required when developing specific software, including API libraries, sample programs, technical documents, etc.

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