Simplifying the Teaching File Creation Process

View our NEXIV on-demand webinar to find out how to simplify the teaching file creation process using a video measuring system.
29th September, 2023
Friday 10:00 AM BST

In this webinar, Nikon Metrology will demonstrate the new features of AutoMeasure, the programmable software platform that harnesses the full power of Nikon’s NEXIV video measuring systems.

The latest update addresses the complexity of creating teaching files and improves the user experience with on-screen guides and advice. Settings such as lighting and edge detection can now be automated, enabling users to carry out video measuring processes efficiently and accurately.

Webinar outcomes:

• Understand the new optimised AutoMeasure features and automated stages.
• Gain confidence in using NEXIV AutoMeasure and creating teaching files.
• Enable all operators to use NEXIV systems accurately, whatever their level of skill.

Recommended for companies:

• Training new employees to use NEXIV measuring systems.
• Experiencing variable results by operator.
• Struggling to achieve accurate measurements.
• Relying on senior operators to create teaching files for other operators.
• Lacking confidence in AutoMeasure and creating teaching files.

If you have missed the live webinar, you can view the recording ‘View the webinar

Visit the product page for additional information and to download a copy of our brochure. If you have further questions or would like to speak to us directly, please feel free to contact us.

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29th September, 2023
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