Accessories for Profile Projectors

X-Y Stages

Stages from 10”x6” (250mmx150mm) to 2”x2” (50mmx50mm) are available for both the V-12B and V-20B series of profile projectors.

Rotating Tables for X-Y Stages

Tables rotate the sample, keeping alignment with the X-Y axes of the stage.

Foot Switch

A foot switch can be supplied to send load commands to the DP-E1A data processing system, freeing both of the operator’s hands and enhancing measurement efficiency.

Calibration Scale 300mm

10mm-interval and calibration patterns are provided.
Accuracy within 1 μm against compensation values.

Retrofit Counter/DP Unit

A unit is available for V-12BD connection of the two-axis counter, required when combining the DP-E1A and the E-Max D set.