ModelMaker H120 and MCAx S System

Nikon’s premium ModelMaker H120 laser scanner and MCAx S 7-axis articulated portable CMM arm form a leading-edge 3D measurement solution, enabling users to accelerate time to market and streamline manufacturing processes.

Portable Precision, Detail and Productivity

Measure challenging materials with exceptional detail at high speed directly on the shop floor. Pairing the ModelMaker H120 laser scanner with the MCAx S range of precision portable CMM arms delivers unparalleled freedom to accurately investigate production quality in all industrial applications.

Product Highlights

Class-Leading Handheld Scanning

ModelMaker H120 rapidly measures almost any size of part or surface finish, capturing small details at class-leading accuracy in any industrial environment.

Precision Portable Measurement

The accuracy, ease-of-use and flexibility of the 7-axis MCAx S arm delivers fast and precise probing as well as scanning, even when operating wirelessly.

Proven System Performance

For total confidence in the solution, every delivered combination of ModelMaker H120 and MCAx S receives ISO 10360-8:2013 Annex D system scanning performance certification.

Core Features

Manual 3D Scanning Applications

Each ModelMaker H120 scanner and MCAx S arm system delivers high productivity and precise non-contact and contact metrology. They optimise production workflow through rapid, reliable and accurate analysis of freeform features and product dimensions. The systems are proven to be an invaluable tool for rapidly diagnosing issues in all areas of manufacture, from the shop floor to the metrology lab.

They are able to measure almost any material and have the flexibility to inspect parts ranging in size from millimetres to several metres. Solutions span many industries including automotive, aerospace, power generation and consumer products, as well as universities, research institutes and scanning service providers. They are especially well suited to inspecting tools and dies, body-in-white, sheet metal parts, castings, injection mouldings, soft or fragile materials and additively manufactured parts.

ModelMaker H120 & MCAx S

H120 & MCAx S
H120 & MCAx S+
H120 & MCAx S++
Size range2.0 to 4.5 m 2.5 to 4.5 m
Maximum reach range*2.75 to 5.25 m3.25 to 5.25 m
Accuracy rangeStandardHighUltra-High
ISO 10360-8 Annex D certification
ISO 10360-12 certification
Wireless communication
& battery power**

* To Scanner mid FoV
** Option

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