Thanks to its patented, triple-laser configuration, the XC65Dx cross scanner captures comprehensive information about complex 3D geometric features and freeform surfaces in a single scan.
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Increase Productivity for Feature Inspection and Surface Measurement

From an individual part such as a car door to a fully assembled vehicle, the XC65Dx is the ideal scanner for inspecting geometric features and freeform surfaces. Productivity is greatly improved by reducing time spent on both programming and executing scan paths.

Product Highlights

Easy Path-Programming

As geometric features or freeform surfaces can be captured in a single pass instead of multiple scans, programming of the scan paths is drastically simplified.

Boost CMM Productivity

Nikon XC65Dx scanners can be retrofitted to a wide range of CMM brands to boost the inspection productivity of existing CMM installations.

XC65Dx-LS Long Stand-Off

The XC65Dx-LS long-stand-off version allows geometry up to a distance of 170mm to be captured, gaining optimum access to difficult-to-reach features.

Core Features



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