The L100 laser scanner from Nikon is ideal for the inspection of components where productivity is key, without having to compromise on accuracy. It offers exceptional precision and delivers high levels of detail.

Digitise Parts Easily, Accurately and Quickly

The L100 laser scanner offers the best possible combination of speed, accuracy and ease of use for surface and feature measurements, even on reflective or multi-material surfaces. High quality data provides quick and insightful analysis of a part’s dimensional quality.

L100 Introduction Video

Watch a presentation of the L100 laser scanner.

L100 in PolyWorks

Watch how the L100 is used in PolyWorks Inspector software.

Comparing Tactile Measurement to Laser Scanning

See how laser scanning increases productivity compared to tactile probing for surface and feature measurements.

Product Highlights

Automated Data Collection

The L100 CMM scanner connects to a variety of CMM brands, converting them into versatile, multi-sensor solutions capable of quickly digitising complex parts of any shape or size.

Easy To Use

A built-in field-of-view projection clearly indicates to the user whether the scanner is optimally positioned. This facilitates scanner programming and scan path generation.

Extend the Measurement Reach

An integrated rotation adapter allows the L100 to rotate around its Autojoint axis, facilitating measurement of parts with vertically oriented features such as turbine blades.

Core Features


Probing Error (MPEp)16.5 µm
Ball Bar Length (MPEE)26 µm +L/350 mm
Multi-Stylus Test (MPEAL)36 µm
ISO Probing Form Error415 µm
ISO Probing Size Error all520 µm
ISO Probing Dispersion Value626 µm
ISO Cone Angle7125°
Scanning Speed420,000 pts/sec
ResolutionMax. 42 µm
Max. Field-of-View Width 110 mm
Field-of-View Depth60 mm
Stand-off Distance 105 mm
Laser Safety Class 2
Enhanced Scanner Performance ESP4
Daylight FilterYes
Probe Head CompatibilityPH10M, PH10MQ, CW43, PHS

All accuracy specifications valid for a CMM with an accuracy of 2µm + L/350 or better using manufacturer supplied test sphere.
1 Nikon Metrology test comparable to EN/ISO 10360-2 MPEP using 1ơ sphere fit.
2 Nikon Metrology test comparable to EN/ISO 10360-2 MPEE
3 Nikon Metrology test comparable to EN/ISO 10360-5 MPEAL

Accuracy specifications according ISO 10360-8:2013:
4 PForm.Sph.1×25:Tr:ODS,MPE : Maximum probing form error using 25 representative points in translatory scanning mode
5 PSize.Sph.All:Tr:ODS,MPE : Maximum probing size error All using all measured points in translatory scanning mode
6 PForm.Sph.D95%:Tr:ODS,MPL : Maximum probing dispersion value using 95% of the measured points in translatory scanning mode
7 Cone angle : Region of sphere on which the measured points are selected

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