Aerospace Additive Manufacturing Summit 2023

The European’s largest additive manufacturing event dedicated to the aerospace industry!
September 21, 2023
9am - 6pm
MEETT, Toulouse Exhibition & Convention Centre
Aerospace Additive Manufacturing Summit

Additive manufacturing processes in the aerospace sector address some major industrial challenges, requiring an extremely high level of product reliability with zero tolerance for failure. That is why the industry uses Nikon X-ray CT systems widely to detect anomalies in products in various stages of production.

The aerospace industry has been using X-ray and Computed Tomograghy (CT) for decades but advances in digital X-ray and CT technologies means they are becoming the new industry standard. Whether for improving quality and product design or helping to produce highly reliable products.

Schedule your meeting with our experts at the Aerospace Additive Manufacturing Summit and discover how Nikon X-ray CT systems overcome the challenges in the aerospace supply chain.

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Event Location
MEETT, Toulouse Exhibition & Convention Centre
Event Type
Live Event
Event Date
September 21, 2023
Event Times
9am - 6pm
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Speaker Name
Sylvain Genot
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