Optional Software

Useful software options from Nikon save time and effort during the video inspection process.

Management of Various Evaluations and Measurement Results

A wide range of optional software is available to provide additional information and analysis from the data collected by NEXIV systems.

Product Highlights

edf stitching

EDF/Stitching Express

Images captured with the NEXIV software (AutoMeasure) can be stitched together to form a larger mosaic. Images at different heights can be combined to form a 3D composite of an area of interest.


MountainsMap X

Using image analysis software from Digital Surf, France, sample surfaces can be analysed based on ISO and the data exported from NEXIV.


MapMeasure Pro

Easily specify any chip or defect with just a click of the mouse on a graphical representation of a sample on the screen. It is a fast and efficient method for repetitive measurement on samples such as wafers.

EN_3DCAD Converter_GUI

3D CAD Converter

A 3D CAD model can be converted to a 2D CAD (NCD) file, which may be used in NEXIV AutoMeasure to automate programming or employed for feature analysis.

Core Features

VMZ-S Series

VMA Series


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Nikon's NEXIV VMZ-S series of video measuring systems delivers high accuracy, speed and usability for inspection applications down to the micro level.

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With a large field of view, a long working distance and large XYZ strokes, the iNEXIV VMA series offers the ultimate in usability for automatic measurement of 3D components.
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