AutoMeasure v14: streamlining measurement programs

Nikon's NEXIV AutoMeasure v14 delivers efficiency and customisability through optimised program creation, enabling a streamlined workflow and accelerating productivity.

New level of Optimisation

Nikon’s NEXIV AutoMeasure v14 leverages enhanced code management features to change the video measurement experience. Designed to streamline measurement program creation and optimisation, it offers users an automated approach tailored to their specific needs, allowing them to create and manage complex projects while boosting productivity.

AutoMeasure v14 is ideal for manufacturing environments demanding efficient workflows and high throughput, including those found in the automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors as well as many others. MapMeasure Pro is included with AutoMeasure v14, allowing users to easily specify any chip or defect with just a click of the mouse.

Product Highlights

Enhanced code management

AutoMeasure v14 can display “R” marks and reference line numbers in measurement programs. This not only makes it easier to determine whether a line can be deleted when editing but also makes it easier to understand the structure of measurement programs created by others at a glance and edit and reuse them.

Custom variable naming

AutoMeasure v14 allows users to freely rename parameters, allowing for seamless integration with users’ systems and processes, regardless of the version of AutoMeasure users are using. This means that measurement programs can be easily tailored to the highest standards.

Customisable report headers

AutoMeasure v14 provides users with enhanced control over data presentation and report customisation. The software allows users to customise headers in result files and reports, and increases the number of lines from 20 to 40. This level of control enables the generation of more personalised reports about replay start/end times, measurement program names, lot numbers, and other relevant information.

Bulk code replacement (Blob)

AutoMeasure v14 delivers an automated solution for efficient measurement program optimisation and batch editing workflows. The bulk replace capability, similar to the “find and replace” function in many software applications, allows users to change multiple instances, saving time and reducing the risk of human errors.

Industry Applications


AutoMeasure v14 is a powerful solution for the automotive industry, providing efficient and accurate measurement of complex components. As the industry evolves, focusing on electric vehicles (EVs) and advanced technologies, AutoMeasure v14 enables manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve. One of the most pressing challenges in the modern automotive landscape is the development and production of EV batteries. AutoMeasure v14 addresses this challenge, offering a powerful tool for measuring critical battery components such as foils, trays, and cutting tools. Its versatility extends to intricate engine components, transmission assemblies, interiors, and accessories, allowing manufacturers to develop and refine measurement programs with unparalleled speed and precision.


In the aerospace sector, where precision is paramount, AutoMeasure v14 offers a powerful solution for streamlining the creation and optimisation of measurement programs. With its advanced code management capabilities, including sophisticated code deletion and mass code replacement, AutoMeasure v14 enables engineers to identify and remove unnecessary lines of code quickly. This functionality significantly reduces the time and resources required to manage complex aerospace measurement projects. AutoMeasure v14 is particularly well-suited for measuring high-precision components with tight tolerances, a critical requirement in the aerospace industry. By simplifying the development and refinement of measurement programs for these demanding applications, AutoMeasure v14 ensures that the industry can maintain its exacting standards of accuracy while boosting efficiency.


In castings and the rapidly evolving additive manufacturing sector, AutoMeasure v14 provides a powerful solution for creating and optimising measurement programs tailored to the unique challenges of 3D-printed parts. AutoMeasure v14’s ability to seamlessly integrate with CAD models allows users to effortlessly create measurement programs directly from digital designs, streamlining the process and reducing potential errors.


AutoMeasure v14 offers a comprehensive solution for the electronics industry, enabling manufacturers to integrate the software with their unique systems and processes seamlessly. The software’s custom variable naming and customisable report headers facilitate the development of tailored measurement programs for precise dimensional measurements on electronic components and PCBs.


AutoMeasure v14 is the latest version of Nikon’s metrology software suite, designed to enhance productivity and user experience for engineers, quality control personnel, and other precision measurement professionals. This version introduces several new features and improvements, focusing on streamlining measurement program creation and management.

AutoMeasure v14 focuses on targeted improvements that boost productivity. The enhanced code management feature reduces time and effort in managing complex programs, while custom variable naming improves adaptability to various work environments. Customisable report headers provide greater control over data presentation, and the bulk code replacement function saves valuable time and minimises manual errors.

Yes, AutoMeasure v14 now offers support for Windows 11 and remains compatible with Windows 10. This compatibility ensures users can take advantage of the latest software and operating system features and improvements.

AutoMeasure v14 maintains compatibility with a wide range of Nikon metrology hardware, including the NEXIV VMZ-S series, the NEXIV VMA series, and the NEXIV VMZ-H series.

Yes, AutoMeasure v14 is designed to be backwards compatible with measurement programs created in previous software versions. This means that users can seamlessly import and continue working with their existing programs while taking advantage of the new features and enhancements offered in version 14. This compatibility ensures a smooth transition for users upgrading from earlier versions of AutoMeasure.

VMZ-S Series

VMA Series


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