NEXIV AutoMeasure

AutoMeasure is a user-friendly, programmable software platform that harnesses the full power of Nikon NEXIV CNC video measuring systems.

Easy to Use, Streamlined Software Suite

AutoMeasure is dimensional measurement software that is easy to use and logically configured to create measurement programs. AutoMeasure has advanced programming tools to tackle any measurement application and can be easily configured with a basic interface for operators on the shop floor.

Product Highlights

Main Program AutoMeasure

Measurement programs can be created by selecting the icon for edge detection and features to be measured. The guide display shows the measurement function overview, details and operational procedure.

Lighting Optimisation

The lighting conditions required for appropriate edge detection are set automatically. It leads to stable acquisition of measurement results under uniform illumination.

Teaching Navigation

To support those who are new to NEXIV, this function provides guidance for easily creating the measurement program by showing the necessary operations at each step.

Automated Edge Setting Function

Edge detection conditions are automatically set by simply selecting the target edge from an image or profile. This leads in reducing set-up tmes and improving efficiency.

Enhanced Code Management

AutoMeasure v14 can display “R” marks and referenced line numbers within measurement programs. This feature makes it easier to identify whether users can delete lines during editing and simplifies understanding the structure of programs created by others. As a result, operators can quickly edit and reuse existing programs, reducing the effort required to manage and optimise complex projects.

Bulk Code Replacement (Blob)

AutoMeasure v14 offers a flexible automated solution for efficient measurement program optimisation and regular batch editing workflows. The bulk replace feature, similar to the “find and replace” function found in many software applications, enables users to quickly and easily change multiple instances throughout a program, saving valuable time and minimising the risk of human errors.

Core Features

VMZ-S Series

VMA Series


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