Ver5.42.06 (64bit)

NIS-Elements D
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Imaging Software NIS-Elements D Ver5.42.06 for 64bit edition

1. Conditions of Use
– Check “HASP Info” to confirm below:
“Upgrades available until May 18, 2021” or later.
– For details, please refer to “Confirmation Procedure of an upgrade period“. (PDF:176KB)

2. Installation
– Please install this application according to the following steps.

1.In case of upgrading from V5.42.xx.
1) Please upgrade NIS-Elements V5.42.06.

2.In case of a fresh installation or upgrading from a version older than V5.42.00.
1) Please uninstall the older version if it is installed.
2) Please install NIS-Elements Ver.5.42.06.

3. Supported OS
– Windows 10 Pro 64bit (English/Japanese)
* Windows 7 are not supported since V5.20.00.

4. Modifications
– Fixed bugs.

For details, please refer to the “Release Note”.

5. Notes
– To use NIS-Elements V3.20 or later, HASP Key must be activated.
– For details, please refer to “HASP Online Activation“. (PDF:322KB)

Release date: 8/2/2024

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