Digital Sight 10 Ver1.40

Digital Sight Series
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Software Details

1. Installation
To Install, use the Digital Sight 10 and PC.
– Extract “” to any folder.
– Connect the PC and the Digital Sight 10 via USB, and turn on the Digital Sight 10.
– Execute “DsCamUpdater.exe” in the “DS10_FPGA_v1.40” folder.
– Click “UPDATE”. The update will start immediately.
– Please wait until the update is complete. It takes about 1 minute.
– When the update is complete, the message “The camera update is completed” will be displayed. Click “OK”.
– Click “Finish” to close the updater. Please reboot the Digital Sight 10 for the update to take effect.

2. Modifications
– Improved the stability of the FPGA data reception section to prevent the following phenomena from occurring.
1. Phenomenon where data is not transferred normally from the image sensor (CIS) to the FPGA.
2. Phenomenon where the camera is not recognized by the computer after connecting the computer and camera with a USB cable while the computer and the camera are powered ON.

3. Notes
– Digital Sight 10 does not support USB 2.0. Please Connect with USB 3.2.

Release date: 08/11/2023

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