Digital Sight 10 Ver1.20

Digital Sight Series
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Software Details

To Install, use the Digital Sight 10 and PC.
– Extract “” to any folder.
– Connect the PC and the Digital Sight 10 via USB, and turn on the Digital Sight 10.
– Execute “DsCamUpdater.exe” in the “updater” folder.
– Click “UPDATE”. The update will start immediately.
Please wait until the update is complete. It takes about 1 minute.
– When the update is complete, the message “The camera update is completed” will be displayed. Click “OK”.
– Click “Finish” to close the updater. Please reboot the Digital Sight 10 for the update to take effect.

– Fixed a bug that the format setting did not work properly when using the NISDK sample application (DSCamExample.exe).

– Digital Sight 10 does not support USB 2.0. Please Connect with USB 3.2.

Release date:28/04/2023

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