Digital Sight 1000 Ver3.18

Digital Sight Series
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Software Details

To Install, use the Digital Sight 1000, SD card, monitor, and mouse.
– Copy the “update” folder in the “DS1000_FWv3.18” folder to the SD card.
– Insert the SD card into the Digital Sight 1000, and start in standalone mode.
– The message will be displayed on the monitor. Click “YES”. The Installation will start immediately.

– Fixed a bug that caused the camera to hang-up when the power was turned off while using the measurement function in standalone mode.
– Fixed a bug where the exposure time and gain settings would not be applied when “Manual Exposure” is set immediately after setting “Auto Exposure”.

– No update required if the measurement function in standalone mode is not used.
– For details, please refer to the”readme_DS1000v3.18_EN.pdf”.

Release date:05/25/2022

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