Application DS-L4 Ver1.1.0

Digital Sight Series
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Software Details

As for the update operation, refer to Nikon DS-L4 Microscope Camera Control Unit Software Update Manual “M696_E1_DS-L4_update_manual.pdf”

Other Information
When you connect DS-Ri2 to the DS-L4, please update DS-Ri2 to Ver 2.10 or any later version.
When you connect DS-Fi3 to the DS-L4 and using the shading compensation function, please update DS-Fi3 to Ver 1.10 or any later version.

Microscope camera DS-Ri2 can be connected to the DS-L4.
The shading compensation function is added.
New filter cubes can be selected and configured from the list, when the DS-L4 is connected to Ni-E/Ni-U/LV100NDA.
The Ti2Control application Ver1.0.1.23 can be used on the DS-L4.
The problems are fixed after Ver1.0.0 was released.

For detail information, please refer readme.txt file.

Release date: 20/02/2017

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