Firmware DS-Fi3 Ver1.10

Digital Sight Series
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Software Details

For installation, the DS-Fi3 and a PC need to be connected through USB(3.0) I/F.
Necessary condition of PC:
Implementing the following OS: Windows 7 (English/Japanese)
Installing the DS-Fi3 Camera Driver.
Mounting USB(3.0) I/F Port.
You had better install this program with the PC you use to connect to a DS-Fi3.
In other cases, You can also install this program with a DS-L4. For details, refer to the instruction manual of a DS-L4.

“User shading correction” is supported. It is the unique function of DS-L4 (Version1.10 or later).

For detail information, please refer the “Release Note”.

Release date: 02/13/2017

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