Application DS-L4 Viewer Ver1.2.0 (Android)

Digital Sight Series
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Software Details

Main functions
1. Live Display/capturing
Live image display from DS-L4
Capturing/Saving by your own device
2. Browse
Possible to browse the image saved at DS-L4
Possible to browse the image captured by your own device
3. Administration
Possible to download the images saved at DS-L4
Administrate the valuable images by saving at your favorite

Please refer to the”readme.txt”.
Caution :If you can install from Google Play, we recommend installing from Google Play.

Supported OS
Android 5.0 and later

Up to 30 can be set for DS-L4 to be connected
Easily switch the connection destination from “Camera Live” menu and “Display images saved on the DS-L4” menu

DS-L4 is necessary in order to utilise this application. Please refer to instruction manuals of DS-L4.
For details, please refer to the”readme.txt”.

Release date: 07/02/2018

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