Ver5.11.03 Patch01 (64bit)

NIS-Elements D
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Conditions of Use
This upgrade can be applied to the following versions:
NIS-Elements D Ver5.11.03 64bit

Please install this application according to the following steps.
1)Install NIS-Elements.
2)Run [Patch_01_for_NIS_5.11.03_b1489.exe].
Installation is complete.

Supported OS
Windows® 10 Pro 64bit (English/Japanese)

The following bugs have been fixed.
1.Fixed the bug that caused incorrect displaying in the following features where the Y-axis appeared to be flipped when opening a 2nd image file with lambda, XY, and Z that acquiring in V5.11.03.
1)Tiled View
2)Stitch Multipoint to Large Image
3)XYZ Overview > Document Overview
2.Fixed the bug that in “Use PFS” on XY tab in ND Acquisition, when NIS-Elements exits in case that “Use PFS” is On, in next session, Point list of PFS is not shown.

This program can only be used for V5.11.03. Other Versions are not supported.

Release date: 21/10/2020

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