ModelMaker H120

Nikon's ModelMaker H120 is a class-leading, handheld, 3D laser scanner capable of extremely detailed, precise, high speed measurement of almost any material or part.

Ultra-Fast High-Definition 3D Scanning

Blue laser technology, ultra-fast data rates, especially developed Nikon optics and the ability to measure the most challenging parts in fine detail combine to enable the cutting-edge ModelMaker H120 to push the exacting boundaries of handheld laser scanning productivity.

ModelMaker H120 Introduction

Watch the launch movie for ModelMaker H120.

ModelMaker H120 Applications

See the benefits of the ModelMaker H120 laser scanner’s productivity, ease-of-use and data quality when inspecting a wide variety of parts.

Product Highlights


Nikon’s made-to-order optics and low-noise, blue laser technology provide incredible detail and clarity of results, far beyond just 3D part shape and feature size and position.


Class-leading handheld scanner accuracy of just 7 microns ensures precision scan data, enabling non-contact measurement of higher tolerance parts, regardless of size.


From shop floor to measurement lab, easily capture 3D scan data at very high speed on almost any combination of material and surface finish.

Core Features

ModelMaker H120 & MCAx S

Points Per StripeUp to 2000 (non-interpolated)
Frame RateUp to 450 Hz
Point ResolutionUp to 35 u03bcm
Stripe WidthUp to 120 mm
Measurement DepthUp to 100 mm
Accuracy (1 sigma) 7 u03bcm
Measuring Laser Blue, Class 2
Full FoV Indicator LaserRed, Class 2
Temperature Compensation Yes (no warm up)
Laser Power Adjustment ESP4 real-time per point

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