Automated 3D Scanning


The L100 is ideal for non-contact inspection of components where productivity is key, without having to compromise on accuracy. It offers exceptional precision and delivers high levels of detail.

Automated 3D scanning - Nikon LC15Dx


The LC15Dx captures the smallest details with the highest accuracy, providing valuable capability for inspecting components ranging from small airfoils to intricate sheet metal parts.


The triple-laser XC65Dx cross scanner captures 3D features and surfaces in a single pass, greatly increasing scanning productivity.

Focus Inspection

Focus Inspection software is a key enabler of the digital inspection process, allowing acquisition and processing of 3D data and the generation of intuitive graphical reports.

Revolutionizing Quality Control and Metrology

With applications across a wide range of industries, from automotive and aerospace to energy and renewables, APDIS Laser Radar systems allow large volume, non-contact measurement with unmatched speed and precision in fully-automated or semi-automated installations.

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Wireless Laser Scanning

To increase the applications in which a Nikon laser scanner can be used, Nikon has developed wireless data communication technology for its LC15Dx and L100 laser scanners. This technology extends the applications of these scanners from usage on CMMs to other types of devices, such as CNC machining centers, hybrid additive and subtractive machines, industrial robots and others. If you are ready to start building factories of the future, get in touch to find out more!

Nikon Wireless Laser Scanning - impression of a modern factory