The ECLIPSE LV100NDA and LV100ND series of flexible, modular, upright microscopes from Nikon is designed for episcopic and diascopic optical contrast techniques. The instruments can be supplied with digital imaging camera accessories and are ideal for material inspection in many industrial applications.

Modular Motorised and Manual Upright Microscopes

Superb Nikon CFI60-2 optics provide excellent images to both eyepieces and to Nikon’s digital imaging cameras with analysis software. The universal microscope design allows complementary optical contrast techniques together on one microscope stand thanks to a modular component programme.

Nikon ECLIPSE LV100NDA and LV100ND

These microscopes with episcopic and diascopic illumination are intended for inspection of industrial materials and components as well as research and development applications.

Nikon CFI60-2 Optical Series

Nikon’s innovative design enables clear imaging techniques, including high contrast, brightfield, darkfield, polarisation (POL), differential interference contrast (DIC) and double beam interferometry optical contrast.

Nikon Digital Sight Cameras

All Nikon Digital Sight cameras efficiently capture images of a sample and deliver them to the image processing software of the NIS-Elements suite, together with microscope data on the objective lens used, magnification setting and light intensity.

Product Highlights

Universal Optical Contrast Methods

Reflected light: brightfield, darkfield, polarising (POL), differential interference contrast (DIC), epi-fluorescence and two-beam interferometry.

Transmitted light: brightfield, darkfield, polarising (POL), differential interference contrast (DIC) and phase contrast.

Modular Component Accessories

From lamphouse to eyepieces, components are selected to match a user’s application. They include stands, stages, objectives, nosepieces, optical heads, eyepieces, digital cameras, filters and contrast technique accessories.

Intelligent Digital Communication

The LV100NDA detects and controls objective lens value, position, light intensity, aperture and contrast via Nikon software.

The LV100ND detects and reports on the objective lens used by LV-NU5I and LV-INAD.

Ergonomic Design

Optimal positioning of operator controls and a variable angle eye-tube allow fatigue-free work, providing a right-way-up, right-way-around image for correctly observing materials, semiconductors and industrial components.

Core Features

Upright Microscopes LV-N Series

Digital Sight Series

NIS Elements

Base Unit:Maximum sample height: 38 mm (when used with LVNU5AI U5AI nosepiece and LV-S32 3x2 stage / LV-S64 6x4 stage)
* 73 mm when used with one column riser 12V50W internal power source for dimmer, coarse and fine adjustment knobs
Left: coarse and fine adjustment / Right: fine adjustment, 40 mm stroke Coarse adjustment: 14 mm/turn (with torque adjustment, refocusing mechanism)
Fine adjustment: 0.1 mm/turn (1 μm/graduation) Stage mounting hole intervals: 70 x 94 (fixed by 4-M4 screw)
Nosepieces:C-N6 ESD Sextuple Nosepiece ESD LV-NU5 Universal Quintuple Nosepiece ESD LV-NBD5 BD Quintuple Nosepiece ESD LV-NU5I Intelligent Universal Quintuple Nosepiece ESD
Episcopic Illuminator:LV-UEPI-N
12V50W Precentered Lamphouse Bright/darkfield switch and linked aperture stop (centerable), field diaphragm (centerable) Accepts ø 25 mm filter (NCB11, ND16, ND4), polarizer/analyzer, plate, excitation light balancer; equipped with noise terminator

12V50W Precentered Lamphouse HG precentered fiber illuminator: C-HGFIE (with light adjustment) *option Bright/darkfield switch and linked aperture stop (centerable), field diaphragm (centerable), automated optical element switching feature matched to brightfield, darkfield, and epi-fluorescence switch Accepts ø 25 mm filter (NCB11, ND16, ND4), polarizer/analyzer, λ plate, excitation light balancer; equipped with noise terminator
Diascopic IlluminatorLV-LH50PC 12V50W Precentered Lamphouse (Fly Eye optical system)
Internal aperture. field diaphragm, filter (ND8. NCB11); transmitted/reflected selector switch; 12V100W also available (option)
Eyepiece Tubes:LV-T13 trinocular eyepiece tube ESD (Erected image. FOV: 22/25),
LV-TT2 TT2 tilting trinocular eyepiece (Erected image. FOV: 22/25).
P-TB Binocular Tube (Inverted image, FOV: 22), P-TT2 Trinocular Tube (Inverted image. FOV: 22)
Stages:LV-S32 3x2 stage (Stroke: 75 x 50 mm with glass plate) ESD compatible
LV-S64 6x4 stage (Stroke: 150 x 100 mm with glass plate) ESD compatible
LV-S6 6x6 stage (Stroke: 150 x 150 mm) ESD compatible
Eyepieces:CFI eyepiece series
Objective Lenses:Industrial Microscope CFI60-2/CFI60 optical system Objective lens series: Combinations in accordance with the observation method
ESD Performance:1000 to 10V, within 0.2 sec. (excluding certain accessories)
Power Consumption:1.2A/75W
Weight:Approximately 8.6kg

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A series of flexible, modular, upright microscopes for various episcopic optical contrast techniques (BF-DF-DIC-POL-Fluorescence-Interferometry). Together with digital imaging accessories and large stage X-Y travels, the instruments are ideal for semiconductor and material inspection activities.
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NIS-Elements software manages Nikon Digital Sight cameras alongside Nikon microscopes to capture the best images for processing. It organises captured images and processes them logically in a smooth workflow.
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